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TATA chemical industry says ‘significant’ cost reduction for workers

TATA, India — The Tata Chemical Industry and the Indian Government have signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) that will see the two firms collaborate in a number of areas.The MoU is expected to be signed on Wednesday, the first step towards the first phase of a long-term business partnership.Tata Chemical Industry (TCI) has set […]

The Premier League’s ‘new king’ could be ready to take over after a clash with the FA

Football Italian title ‘I can’t say much, but we will win it’, Mourinho says as United thrash Crystal Palace article Manchester United boss Jose Mourinho is confident his side can lift the Premier League title, despite being thrashed at Crystal Palace. “The last two years have been a great success for Manchester United,” the Portuguese said.“The […]

Chemicals industry group to sue over allegations of chemical cleaning industry ties

U.S. chemical cleaning company Allied Chemical said on Thursday that it would file a lawsuit against the U.K. chemical industry and industrial chemical cleaning firms alleging the companies engaged in practices that endangered public health and the environment.The U.KS. chemical company said it is “extremely concerned” about allegations that Allied Chemical, Allied Chemical Group and […]

Toxic chemicals are poisoning children’s lives in India

The toxic chemicals are poisoning children’s health in India, according to a new study.It said children in the south of the country, which is plagued by severe air pollution and has a large concentration of toxic substances, are most at risk from the chemical industry.Researchers at the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) said the prevalence […]

How to be a successful entrepreneur: 10 things you need to know

The pharmaceutical industry is struggling.Companies are having to shut down in a desperate bid to survive in an increasingly competitive market.And as the global pharmaceutical industry continues to struggle, it is becoming increasingly important for individuals and small businesses to know how to make money in this rapidly changing industry.Here are 10 things entrepreneurs need […]

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