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When will the next Canadian industry explode?

In March 2018, the Canadian Chemical Industry and its allies were poised to make a big splash when they unveiled the creation of a $500 million fund to fund the construction of two new industrial plants and a new facility for chemical chemicals production.But with a glut of supply and the price of oil running […]

What to know about chemical industries in America

AECI industrial chemicals are the industrial chemicals that make up some of the most commonly used pesticides in the United States.AECIs, also called organic chemicals, are used in everything from building materials to pet foods.They are a crucial part of the organic farming industry in many parts of the world, as organic chemicals are one […]

Why are chemical companies investing in India?

By K. R. Shinde, CNN Business EditorSeptember 10, 2018, 11:21:13Many chemical companies, which are dependent on export revenue for their operations, have been pouring money into India for years.But that trend seems to have changed recently.“Our company’s revenues are down,” said R. K. Shindle, CEO of Suncor, a major chemical company.“It is a difficult market […]

When it comes to chemical industry: Is Ajanta seeking to diversify?

When Ajanta Chemical Industries Limited (ACIL) announced its plans to invest Rs 1,000 crore in the chemical industry last week, the announcement was seen as a step towards diversification.ACIL, one of India’s biggest chemical companies, is looking at acquisitions and strategic investments, among other things, in various sectors.AIL has invested in more than a dozen […]

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