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When it comes to chemicals, the UK’s chemical industry is struggling

Industrial chemicals companies in the UK have had to endure some tough times in recent years, with the country facing a severe shortage of key chemicals.However, the industry has taken the most positive steps yet in recent weeks, with a slew of new chemicals being approved to be used in industrial processes.The new approvals, as […]

When it comes to industrial chemicals and their industries, the world’s top 10 is littered with winners and losers

By Scott Alexander, Reuters U.S. chemicals companies and major retailers are among the winners and the losers of a new report that shows the global chemical industry is in a “decline”.The chemicals industry, which includes everything from plastics to paint, is one of the biggest contributors to global emissions of greenhouse gases.It produces around 10 […]

India’s Sarabhai Chemical Industry grows 2,500-fold in three years

India’s chemical industry is expected to grow by 2,000-fold by 2020 and is projected to generate about 1.6 trillion rupees ($1.4 trillion) in revenue by then, according to a new report.Sarabhai Chemicals Industry, which is based in the northern city of Visakhapatnam, is the largest of the country’s chemical industries, with about 4,000 employees.The firm […]

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