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EU seeks ‘further steps’ on Sarco chemicals after EU chemical industry’s bid

EU countries have asked for a “further step” on Sarcoma vaccines amid concerns about the development of a drug that is currently under development by one of the companies involved.Sarco’s vaccine is aimed at preventing the disease.The EU’s chief drug adviser said the EU’s new vaccine would not work without an increase in the number […]

A toxic chemical industry trade group says a court ruling to end its legal battle against the chemical industry is a win for all stakeholders

Posted February 07, 2018 02:24:08 A toxic industry trade association says a new lawsuit against the toxic chemical manufacturing company Sarco Chemical Industries is a victory for all parties.In April, a U.S. District Court judge in California issued a temporary restraining order barring Sarco from operating in the state.Sarco was founded in the United Kingdom […]

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