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Why Brazilian chemicals industry has been in a tailspin for years

By JONATHAN NAPOLITANIAssociated Press – JANUARY 03, 2019The world’s largest chemical industry has struggled to keep pace with a changing climate and the growing need for more affordable energy, a new report finds.Chemicals such as chemicals for food and beverages, pharmaceuticals and pesticides are all key industries in Brazil.But the industry has lagged behind the […]

Chemical industry has been shut down by Texas for more than a month after it was found to be producing an industrial chemical that is harmful to humans

Industrial chemical industry in Texas is being shut down for more, several months, after state regulators found it to be manufacturing an industrial drug that is dangerous to humans.State health officials say they found a batch of chlorpyrifos, a common chemical used in cleaning products, in a storage facility near the Houston airport.They say it […]

Chemical industry’s ‘Pioneer’ profile on Wikipedia

| CNBC article CNBC – A chemical industry profiled in Wikipedia has a reputation as being “Pioneers” in terms of its manufacturing capabilities. But Wikipedia says that it is not a reputable source. According to the bio section on the Wikipedia article for Pioneer Chemical Company, the company is “founded in 1902 by the German chemist Alexander Pioneer.”The bio says […]

The chemical industry’s Sunshine State, the chemical industry structure

A chemical industry has emerged as the most vulnerable to a wave of state-level efforts to shut down production and distribution in the South and West.The Southern Tier is a critical region for the chemical sector, accounting for the majority of U.S. production.A total of 17 Southern Tier counties, all of which were part of […]

How to get your job in chemical industry

Posted March 30, 2019 11:29:20If you want to get an internship in chemical manufacturing or chemical industry you have to have some kind of experience.The list of possible jobs available to you is endless.Here are some tips to help you navigate your way through the process.You must have a valid, valid Australian IDYou can use […]

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