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The Big Picture: What the Industry Can Learn from a Big-Money Campaign

The Big-Picture Campaign.It’s a catchy phrase, but it’s also a misleading one.The Bigger Picture campaign has a lot of baggage to it.It sounds like a slogan for a campaign that’s really a campaign to change a government policy.It doesn’t tell you anything about the impact of that policy, for example.It only asks how much money […]

Pioneer chemical industries awards $7.5M in award

NEW YORK — The National Institute of Standards and Technology announced today that it has awarded $7 million to the National Center for Atmospheric Research for a research and development project to study and evaluate how carbon dioxide is emitted from the chemical industry.The NIST Research and Development Program is dedicated to developing solutions for […]

Chemical industry’s ‘Pioneer’ profile on Wikipedia

| CNBC article CNBC – A chemical industry profiled in Wikipedia has a reputation as being “Pioneers” in terms of its manufacturing capabilities. But Wikipedia says that it is not a reputable source. According to the bio section on the Wikipedia article for Pioneer Chemical Company, the company is “founded in 1902 by the German chemist Alexander Pioneer.”The bio says […]

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