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How to make an oil refinery more energy efficient

By using the latest advances in advanced industrial control systems, the world’s biggest oil refineries could become energy-efficient in just a few years.But the process of making it happen will be fraught with uncertainties.The most obvious is the cost of energy – and, in the case of refineries in the US, a glut of cheap […]

Why Canada needs a new export market

An Australian company is seeking to open a manufacturing facility in the Philippines, but it’s a complex one.In a joint statement with the Philippine government, the two countries said they are committed to boosting trade and investment between the two nations and are committed in creating jobs.The statement from the Philippines Ministry of Industry and […]

Barbados chemical industry to fight chemical spill in Louisiana

Barbado’s chemical industry is facing a possible chemical spill that could cost it billions in lost productivity and could be fatal to workers.The industry was among the first to warn of the spill after the spill occurred on Tuesday in a wastewater treatment plant in Lake Charles.The spill occurred after a chemical spill at the […]

Piedmont Chemical Industries’ Chemical Industry Internship in the US

Piedmonte Chemical Industries is one of the largest and most technologically advanced chemical companies in the country.As of 2016, Piedmons production capacity was over 5,000 metric tons, but its operations have grown exponentially.The company has an annual production capacity of more than 10,000 tons of chemical compounds, and has a global reach of more that […]

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