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Chemical Industry’s Global Economic Impact Is $1.4 Trillion (VIDEO)

An article in the latest issue of the International Journal of Industrial and Commercial Engineering (IJICHE) has revealed that the chemical industry in India has made a staggering economic impact on the country.According to a recent study by IJICHE, the chemical industries have been responsible for over $1 billion in economic activity for the country […]

How to Make Chemical Explosions in the Freezer

In the days before the invention of the freezer, people used to make ice cream in their backyards, or bake cakes for their families at home.But the modern freezer was designed for storing food.And the industry that invented the freezer was making ice cream out of a substance called bacillus thuringiensis, or Bt.The company that […]

Why Japan’s biggest oil company is suing a major solar energy company over a chemical industry deal

In the case of Kodak, the government of Japan is accusing a subsidiary of using a chemical known as bromine as an energy source in a deal that resulted in a $2.2 billion windfall for the Japanese giant.The claim in the lawsuit, filed in the Japanese Supreme Court, accuses the Koch Industries subsidiary of improperly […]

Chemicals industry ‘under fire’ for ‘unethical’ practices

Chemicals companies face a barrage of criticism for their handling of hazardous chemicals and their sales to customers.But the industry’s top trade body is also under fire for not taking steps to stop rogue chemicals being sold.Its chemicals trade body, the Chemicals Industry Association (CIA), says it has never given any warning to customers of […]

How to save your money and keep your health

Chemicals are used to clean the air and water, the food supply, the land and the soil, and can be used to create toxic substances such as benzene and xylene.There are also chemicals that can cause cancer, such as the carcinogenic benzene found in perfumes and nail polish removers.It’s important to understand what chemicals you […]

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