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What the chemical industry is talking about in the EU: ‘We will not give up our rights’

Chemical industry leader Arofine has warned the European Union that it is in a difficult position if it fails to implement its obligations to clean up the chemical industries in Belgium and France.Arofine said it is time for the EU to “reassess its commitments” to its chemical industry, after it agreed in 2014 to provide […]

What is the most toxic chemical industry in Canada?

The most toxic chemicals in Canada are the most prevalent in industries, but there are some notable outliers in the chemical industry as well.1.General Mills:GMOs, GMOs, and pesticidesThe chemical industry has long been linked to GMOs, pesticide use, and pesticide contamination.In recent years, this has been exacerbated by the introduction of the Monsanto-linked Gardasil vaccine.The […]

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