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How to protect yourself from chemical spills: Tips from the experts

The chemical industry is often held up as a beacon of hope when it comes to the future of chemical safety.And there are signs it’s finally paying off.A study published this month in the journal Environmental Health Perspectives shows that among the chemicals that are considered the most hazardous in the world, the majority of […]

Why the Chemical Industry’s ‘Harmful’ Dirty Secrets Are Not Going Away

In its latest campaign, the British Petroleum (BP) lobby group has been releasing a new documentary called The Dirty Secrets of the Chemical Industries. The film is the culmination of BP’s ‘Bigger in Smoke’ campaign, which aired during the last election campaign.The film takes a look at BP’s dirty secrets, which it claims are responsible for […]

U.S. bans exports of banned chemicals in bid to cut carbon emissions

BATTLECROSS, Calif.— U.N. Secretary-General Antonio Guterres on Thursday urged all countries to avoid making decisions based on an assumption of the negative impact of new technologies.The U.K. said it was banning imports of some new chemicals in response to a U.G. study that found they are less effective at controlling climate change than alternatives.U.S.-made chemicals […]

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