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What is the chemical industry?

The chemical industry, the industry that supplies the bulk of the chemicals used in the United States, is composed of companies that produce chemicals for a variety of industries, including chemicals used for cleaning, disinfection, heating, and other purposes.There are three main types of chemical industry structures: industrial, commercial, and government.Industrial chemicals companies are small, […]

The chemical industry’s Sunshine State, the chemical industry structure

A chemical industry has emerged as the most vulnerable to a wave of state-level efforts to shut down production and distribution in the South and West.The Southern Tier is a critical region for the chemical sector, accounting for the majority of U.S. production.A total of 17 Southern Tier counties, all of which were part of […]

Saudi Arabia’s chemical industry to face global sanctions

Saudi Arabia is set to impose sanctions on its chemical industry as a result of the collapse in global oil prices, a senior Saudi official told The Washington Times.The Saudi Arabian Ministry of Industry and Trade announced Monday that Saudi Aramco would be forced to cease production of certain chemical products, including petrochemicals, by the […]

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