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What is the world’s largest chemical exchange?

Vijay Chemical Industries, an Indian chemical industry company, is looking to the cloud.The company announced on Tuesday that it would be opening up a cloud-based platform for its chemical industry software.Vijay is the largest chemical producer in the world and produces about 20% of the world total market.It also manufactures a large amount of industrial […]

Biden to meet with chemical industry’s top lobbyist

Vice President Joe Biden will meet with lobbyists on Tuesday to discuss the issue of chemical industrial markets, according to sources familiar with the matter.Biden will visit the chemical industry at a private meeting and discuss his plan to rein in the industry, said a Biden aide.The Biden aide did not say when the meeting […]

How to use a chemical industry chemicals kit

How to create a chemical industrial gloves that will last a lifetime and make your workplace safer, according to Chemical Industry Solutions.Chemical Industry solutions are chemical gloves that can be purchased online or at your local chemical supply store.They are manufactured in a lab and come in several different colors and patterns.For example, the Blue […]

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