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How to make an oil refinery more energy efficient

By using the latest advances in advanced industrial control systems, the world’s biggest oil refineries could become energy-efficient in just a few years.But the process of making it happen will be fraught with uncertainties.The most obvious is the cost of energy – and, in the case of refineries in the US, a glut of cheap […]

When it comes to chemicals, the UK’s chemical industry is struggling

Industrial chemicals companies in the UK have had to endure some tough times in recent years, with the country facing a severe shortage of key chemicals.However, the industry has taken the most positive steps yet in recent weeks, with a slew of new chemicals being approved to be used in industrial processes.The new approvals, as […]

How to save your money and keep your health

Chemicals are used to clean the air and water, the food supply, the land and the soil, and can be used to create toxic substances such as benzene and xylene.There are also chemicals that can cause cancer, such as the carcinogenic benzene found in perfumes and nail polish removers.It’s important to understand what chemicals you […]

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