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How the chemical industry is losing its edge

By Ian MacdonaldThe chemical industry’s long-term growth and profitability is at risk from falling oil prices, which have already knocked production back, according to industry experts.The US chemical industry accounts for a third of the US economy and employs 1.5 million people, and its fortunes are also linked to the country’s dominant position in global […]

How did Houston’s chemical industry rank in the 2016 rankings?

By The Associated Press chemical industry hanf,general,chemical,industry ranking,general classification source TalkTech article The chemical industry’s top 10 cities for manufacturing jobs.The Chemical Industry Organization (CIO) is one of the world’s largest chemical manufacturing associations, with over 1,400 members in nearly 70 countries.The Houston-based group’s annual ranking of the top 100 U.S. cities for chemical manufacturing […]

Chemicals industry: It’s not a science

A chemical industry association is accusing President Donald Trump’s administration of using an outdated definition of “science” to dismiss the scientific evidence that chemicals are harmful to humans.The American Chemistry Council, the country’s largest chemical industry trade group, issued a statement Thursday slamming the Trump administration’s decision to revoke a major research grant from the […]

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