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French company seeks $15 billion in government contracts to supply gas to Argentina

A chemical industry company in Belgium has proposed to the Belgian government an agreement to supply 1.5 billion cubic meters of gas to the country in the form of an export license.The agreement, submitted Wednesday by Belgian-based French company ETS Group, seeks to supply around 7 billion cubic feet of gas per year to Argentina […]

Why the Chemical Industry’s ‘Harmful’ Dirty Secrets Are Not Going Away

In its latest campaign, the British Petroleum (BP) lobby group has been releasing a new documentary called The Dirty Secrets of the Chemical Industries. The film is the culmination of BP’s ‘Bigger in Smoke’ campaign, which aired during the last election campaign.The film takes a look at BP’s dirty secrets, which it claims are responsible for […]

U.S. chemical industry jobs projected to fall 1% to 5% this year

The unemployment rate for chemical industry workers in the U.K. has been hovering around 9% for the last year.In the U., the rate for the same workers has been 6.4%.In 2018, that figure will be 5.4% according to the Office for National Statistics.In 2019, the unemployment rate will be 8.3% and in 2020, it will […]

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