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What the chemical industry is talking about in the EU: ‘We will not give up our rights’

Chemical industry leader Arofine has warned the European Union that it is in a difficult position if it fails to implement its obligations to clean up the chemical industries in Belgium and France.Arofine said it is time for the EU to “reassess its commitments” to its chemical industry, after it agreed in 2014 to provide […]

Belgium’s chemical industry suffers major blow after chemical industry chemical disaster

After years of working with the industry, Belgium’s National Gas Company (NGCN) announced this week that it would be closing its chemical factories, shutting down production and limiting production of its product by about 30% for a year.This was despite the fact that the industry was one of the largest in the world and the […]

French company seeks $15 billion in government contracts to supply gas to Argentina

A chemical industry company in Belgium has proposed to the Belgian government an agreement to supply 1.5 billion cubic meters of gas to the country in the form of an export license.The agreement, submitted Wednesday by Belgian-based French company ETS Group, seeks to supply around 7 billion cubic feet of gas per year to Argentina […]

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