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Which industry is most responsible for the rise in COVID-19 cases?

The U.S. government is blaming American chemical companies for the COVID virus outbreak, saying it is an example of the industry’s failure to control its own production.The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) said in a report on Monday that the surge in cases in the U.P.C. coincided with the country’s switch from petroleum […]

How to define chemical industry in Alabama

Posted October 03, 2018 07:53:31 If you have been wondering how to define the chemical industry you might be wondering whether it is the same thing as an industrial chemical manufacturing company, or whether it’s a different company entirely.The chemical industry is often defined by what it does, rather than what it manufactures.This article explains […]

How to use the Chemicals List for your Business

Business Insider, 5 March 2018, 12:06:24By using the Chemists List, you’ll be able to:Make sure you’re getting the right chemicals at the right priceKeep track of where your chemicals are and where they’re coming fromThe ChemistsList is also available for use in the UK, Canada and Australia.Here are a few tips:If you’re a business looking […]

Which chemical industries will be hit hardest by a ban on hydrogen sulfide?

Posted by The Atlantic on May 2, 2018 06:00:11What are the most common chemicals used in chemical cleaning and manufacturing industries?Here are the chemicals with the highest concentrations of hydrogen sulfides.Hydrogen sulfide is a toxic gas, found in almost every food, water and chemical used in the chemical industry.It is not harmful to people but […]

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