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When Is Chemicals Coming Back? (Part 2)

Posted October 24, 2018 07:00:58In the US, there is a lot of chemical industry talk, and in the past few months there have been a few big announcements.One of the biggest is a new chemical industry primer article that discusses the potential for a comeback.Here are some of the key points from the primer article:As […]

What the chemical industry is talking about in the EU: ‘We will not give up our rights’

Chemical industry leader Arofine has warned the European Union that it is in a difficult position if it fails to implement its obligations to clean up the chemical industries in Belgium and France.Arofine said it is time for the EU to “reassess its commitments” to its chemical industry, after it agreed in 2014 to provide […]

Why did US chemical industry suffer the biggest chemical industry decline in the US?

Chemical industry stocks plunged on Tuesday after a US Senate committee voted down a proposed bill to ban chlorpyrifos, the widely used pesticide used to kill mosquitoes.The vote by the Senate Environment and Public Works Committee was the first time a US senator had blocked a chlorpyrs ban in the House.Chlorpyrin, which is also used […]

How to protect yourself from chemical spills: Tips from the experts

The chemical industry is often held up as a beacon of hope when it comes to the future of chemical safety.And there are signs it’s finally paying off.A study published this month in the journal Environmental Health Perspectives shows that among the chemicals that are considered the most hazardous in the world, the majority of […]

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