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A B.C. company says it is facing a $500,000 lawsuit for toxic chemicals linked to B.A.T.E.

An AltaCorp chemical manufacturing plant in Vancouver is facing federal and provincial charges that the company and its former CEO were involved in the production of chemical pesticides that can cause serious illnesses and deaths in B.B.T., including cancer.The B.F.T.’s Office of the Independent Regulatory Hearings heard arguments Thursday in a case that alleges Alta […]

How to save your money and keep your health

Chemicals are used to clean the air and water, the food supply, the land and the soil, and can be used to create toxic substances such as benzene and xylene.There are also chemicals that can cause cancer, such as the carcinogenic benzene found in perfumes and nail polish removers.It’s important to understand what chemicals you […]

U.S. chemical industry jobs projected to fall 1% to 5% this year

The unemployment rate for chemical industry workers in the U.K. has been hovering around 9% for the last year.In the U., the rate for the same workers has been 6.4%.In 2018, that figure will be 5.4% according to the Office for National Statistics.In 2019, the unemployment rate will be 8.3% and in 2020, it will […]

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