How to save on your gas bill

The cost of gas is a factor in many households, and gas prices can go up if you don’t make any changes to your household or home.This is why many people are using gas-saving tips from to save money and help save on their gas bill.If you’re a gas-saver and have a question about […]

How to stop the outbreak of the Zika virus in India

Adwan, the second-largest chemical company in India, has become the first company to announce a nationwide recall for the Zika-carrying mosquito-borne virus in the country.In a statement, Adwan said the recall is due to “several serious issues” that it identified in its testing.The company said it will stop selling certain products containing the Zika mosquito-transmitted […]

Why the chemical industry is so bullish on Canada

A recent study by researchers at the University of Toronto found that in 2015, the chemical sector generated $6.8 billion in revenue for Canada.That’s up by $1.9 billion from 2014.That includes revenue from exports and new research and development (R&D) investments.It also includes new job opportunities and new technology.As Canada’s new prime minister, Justin Trudeau […]

How to use a chemical industry chemicals kit

How to create a chemical industrial gloves that will last a lifetime and make your workplace safer, according to Chemical Industry Solutions.Chemical Industry solutions are chemical gloves that can be purchased online or at your local chemical supply store.They are manufactured in a lab and come in several different colors and patterns.For example, the Blue […]

The chemicals industry consolidation battle has been won

A chemical industry consolidation will see the sector become more competitive with its competitor in the pharmaceutical and pharmaceuticals industries, according to industry experts.In an interview with The Irish Times, Dr Simon Cooley, executive director of the Irish Chemical Industry Association (ICIA), said that consolidation is coming.He said the sector is in a good position […]

India’s Sarabhai Chemical Industry grows 2,500-fold in three years

India’s chemical industry is expected to grow by 2,000-fold by 2020 and is projected to generate about 1.6 trillion rupees ($1.4 trillion) in revenue by then, according to a new report.Sarabhai Chemicals Industry, which is based in the northern city of Visakhapatnam, is the largest of the country’s chemical industries, with about 4,000 employees.The firm […]

U.S. bans exports of banned chemicals in bid to cut carbon emissions

BATTLECROSS, Calif.— U.N. Secretary-General Antonio Guterres on Thursday urged all countries to avoid making decisions based on an assumption of the negative impact of new technologies.The U.K. said it was banning imports of some new chemicals in response to a U.G. study that found they are less effective at controlling climate change than alternatives.U.S.-made chemicals […]

How to help the Houston chemical industry as oil prices plunge

How to get out of the grips of oil prices and help the chemical industry recover from the impact of oil shale development.In a world where the price of oil is plunging, the Houston-based chemical industry is facing a critical challenge as demand for chemicals surges.Its producers are struggling to find a way to adapt […]

How to be a successful entrepreneur: 10 things you need to know

The pharmaceutical industry is struggling.Companies are having to shut down in a desperate bid to survive in an increasingly competitive market.And as the global pharmaceutical industry continues to struggle, it is becoming increasingly important for individuals and small businesses to know how to make money in this rapidly changing industry.Here are 10 things entrepreneurs need […]

Which states are the most polluted?

Chemical industry, industrial chemical is the second most popular job category for Ohio residents, according to a new survey from Crypto Coins.The top five states are:1.Ohio2.Pennsylvania3.Wisconsin4.Michigan5.PennsylvaniaA study from the American Chemical Society found Ohio and Pennsylvania were the most polluting states in 2016.The state’s ranking of 18th in terms of pollution is tied with West […]

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