Chemical industry will need $10 billion to offset $30 billion in regulatory and capital costs

Chemical industry executives say they’re confident they’ll get some money from the Federal Reserve for its efforts to help them navigate the regulatory landscape.The companies are asking Congress for $10.3 billion in grants, which they expect to receive from the Fed as soon as next week. The request comes on top of an earlier $9 billion […]

Gas, oil and coal companies say they’ll stay in Houston amid Trump’s proposed border wall

The gas, oil, and coal industries said Wednesday they are staying put in Houston and that they will not seek to renegotiate contracts that expired under President Donald Trump’s first term.“We will remain steadfast in Houston,” said James L. Fierstein, president of the National Association of Manufacturers, which represents major manufacturers like General Motors, Boeing […]

Barbados chemical industry to fight chemical spill in Louisiana

Barbado’s chemical industry is facing a possible chemical spill that could cost it billions in lost productivity and could be fatal to workers.The industry was among the first to warn of the spill after the spill occurred on Tuesday in a wastewater treatment plant in Lake Charles.The spill occurred after a chemical spill at the […]

Piedmont Chemical Industries’ Chemical Industry Internship in the US

Piedmonte Chemical Industries is one of the largest and most technologically advanced chemical companies in the country.As of 2016, Piedmons production capacity was over 5,000 metric tons, but its operations have grown exponentially.The company has an annual production capacity of more than 10,000 tons of chemical compounds, and has a global reach of more that […]

Which chemicals do you think will be the most toxic when you drink them?

Chemical dyes are used in the production of paints, decals and so on, and they are also commonly used in consumer products like water bottles and cosmetics.The chemical dyes used in paint production are the main ingredients used in cosmetics, and are generally known as organic chemicals.Organic dyes like formaldehyde are not naturally occurring, but […]

The chemical industry is in a state of flux

Anjanee Chemical Industries Ltd., the Indian chemical industry’s largest producer of fertilizers and chemical fertilizer, is looking for investors.The company, which operates in more than 180 countries and has a market capitalization of $5.6 billion, is in the process of raising funds to invest in research and development, acquisitions and strategic partnerships.In a regulatory filing […]

When it comes to chemicals, the UK’s chemical industry is struggling

Industrial chemicals companies in the UK have had to endure some tough times in recent years, with the country facing a severe shortage of key chemicals.However, the industry has taken the most positive steps yet in recent weeks, with a slew of new chemicals being approved to be used in industrial processes.The new approvals, as […]

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