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When will the world be able to breathe?

Asahi Chemical Industry (Asahi) is the world’s biggest producer of polyurethane chemical and chemical components.In 2016, the Japanese company produced over 1 billion polyurethanyl chloride (PSC) pellets, more than double the amount produced in 2015.According to Bloomberg, the company’s production of PSCs was responsible for making around 20% of the world production.The company is also […]

‘I know this is a bad thing’: Trump says Iran nuclear deal is a “bad thing”

In a rare public appearance, President Donald Trump declared on Tuesday that the Iran nuclear agreement is a major “bad” deal, and said that the U.S. will never negotiate with Iran again.In an interview with The Associated Press, Trump said the agreement was “a terrible deal” and that he is “very disappointed” that the deal […]

How to find your next job in the chemical industry

The chemical industry is booming in Alabama, and many of the companies are looking to hire workers who can use their skills to make products for the pharmaceutical industry.But there are some chemical workers who are looking for a different job, one that requires them to use chemical gloves.Some chemical workers in Alabama are worried […]

Barbados chemical industry to fight chemical spill in Louisiana

Barbado’s chemical industry is facing a possible chemical spill that could cost it billions in lost productivity and could be fatal to workers.The industry was among the first to warn of the spill after the spill occurred on Tuesday in a wastewater treatment plant in Lake Charles.The spill occurred after a chemical spill at the […]

Which chemicals do you think will be the most toxic when you drink them?

Chemical dyes are used in the production of paints, decals and so on, and they are also commonly used in consumer products like water bottles and cosmetics.The chemical dyes used in paint production are the main ingredients used in cosmetics, and are generally known as organic chemicals.Organic dyes like formaldehyde are not naturally occurring, but […]

How did Houston’s chemical industry rank in the 2016 rankings?

By The Associated Press chemical industry hanf,general,chemical,industry ranking,general classification source TalkTech article The chemical industry’s top 10 cities for manufacturing jobs.The Chemical Industry Organization (CIO) is one of the world’s largest chemical manufacturing associations, with over 1,400 members in nearly 70 countries.The Houston-based group’s annual ranking of the top 100 U.S. cities for chemical manufacturing […]

Which chemical industries will be hit hardest by a ban on hydrogen sulfide?

Posted by The Atlantic on May 2, 2018 06:00:11What are the most common chemicals used in chemical cleaning and manufacturing industries?Here are the chemicals with the highest concentrations of hydrogen sulfides.Hydrogen sulfide is a toxic gas, found in almost every food, water and chemical used in the chemical industry.It is not harmful to people but […]

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