Year: 2021

What is the world’s largest chemical exchange?

Vijay Chemical Industries, an Indian chemical industry company, is looking to the cloud.The company announced on Tuesday that it would be opening up a cloud-based platform for its chemical industry software.Vijay is the largest chemical producer in the world and produces about 20% of the world total market.It also manufactures a large amount of industrial […]

What’s the deal with the chemical industry in the Midwest?

The chemical industry is thriving in the United States, with the industry employing about 3 million people and producing nearly a third of the nation’s chemicals, according to a new report.But the Midwest has been hit hard by a changing economy.It’s become more expensive to produce chemicals than other regions, with new regulations and a […]

The Big Picture: What the Industry Can Learn from a Big-Money Campaign

The Big-Picture Campaign.It’s a catchy phrase, but it’s also a misleading one.The Bigger Picture campaign has a lot of baggage to it.It sounds like a slogan for a campaign that’s really a campaign to change a government policy.It doesn’t tell you anything about the impact of that policy, for example.It only asks how much money […]

How much do you know about chemical industries?

The Chemical Industry Council is calling on the Government to update the Classification of Chemical Industries (CCI) to reflect current knowledge and technology, and to provide greater detail on the state of the industry.The council’s report comes amid concerns about the future of the sector, and is part of a campaign by the Coalition against […]

Why is the rise in the Chinese chemical industry forecast so much higher than the global average?

The rise in China’s chemical industry has been one of the main reasons why the country has become the world’s largest exporter of chemicals.In addition, the country’s rapidly growing middle class has been a boon for Chinese companies.In 2017, China’s manufacturing sector grew by 12.9% to 5.9 trillion yuan (around $70 billion).But China’s industrial production […]

How to prevent chemical industry accidents

The chemical industry is experiencing its worst industrial accident since the industrial accidents of the late 1960s, with the number of fatalities among those killed increasing.The number of chemical industry workers who have been killed since the start of the crisis in December was 10,400, according to a government report.That number includes 11,000 who died […]

Chemical Industry’s Global Economic Impact Is $1.4 Trillion (VIDEO)

An article in the latest issue of the International Journal of Industrial and Commercial Engineering (IJICHE) has revealed that the chemical industry in India has made a staggering economic impact on the country.According to a recent study by IJICHE, the chemical industries have been responsible for over $1 billion in economic activity for the country […]

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