Which chemicals are involved in the fatal chemical accidents in India?

NICHIA, Ind.— A chemical factory exploded at a facility in India’s northeastern state of Nagaland, killing at least nine workers and injuring hundreds of others, officials said on Wednesday.

The chemical factory explosion occurred on Friday in the town of Nakhchivan in Chhattisgarh state, in what the state’s top chemical safety official called an “unprecedented chemical accident” that killed at least 59 people.

Nakhchiman district head secretary Anupam Dube said the fire broke out in the factory’s main warehouse.

Nagaland’s chief environmental officer, Bimal Singh, said the factory was making chemicals for a company called Durex Chemicals, which is based in the northeastern state.

Durex did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

India’s top safety regulator said Wednesday that an investigation into the incident is under way and that the company is cooperating with the investigation.

The accident is not the first time a chemical factory in India has been hit by a chemical accident.

In 2013, a chemical plant in the city of Pune, India, was hit by an explosion and fire that killed 29 people.

The factory was later declared a disaster area by the authorities.

India has one of the highest levels of industrial accidents in the world, with more than 3,400 deaths from the deadly 2010 earthquake and tsunami, according to the United Nations.

The country has been struggling with an air pollution crisis that is costing millions of lives every year.

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