How China is reshaping India’s chemical industry

The Indian Chemical Industries Association (ICIA) is gearing up to make it clear that it will not tolerate any move to “harmonise” the country’s industry with Chinese competitors.

In a statement on Thursday, the ICAI said it would hold a national meeting to discuss a range of issues that are “unrelated to the current state of affairs and that will be discussed at the national level” before the meeting’s date, which will be held on April 15 in Bengaluru.

ICIA President Arundhati Bhattacharya said the meeting would also discuss the issues of “non-commodity goods”, including pesticides, chemicals and fertilisers.

“We will be discussing this issue on a national level in the near future,” she told NDTV.

In recent months, several large Chinese companies have been eyeing India’s largest market, but there has been a recent lull in the country-by-country trading, as Chinese companies are not actively trading.

India has seen its imports from China decline for the first time since 2009, while imports from neighbouring Pakistan have surged.

The country also faces a major threat from the threat of climate change.

The ICAi said that it is ready to cooperate with the government of India to tackle climate change and the impact of air pollution on health, but stressed that it would not take any action without consulting the ministry of environment.

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