Day: August 7, 2021

How to make a comeback: An industry that’s lost millions of jobs and millions of dollars

The American chemical industry has suffered more than $10 billion in job losses since the recession, but it’s doing better than most.The U.S. is one of the only major industrialized nations with manufacturing in the sector, and it’s expected to see the next wave of consolidation and automation as the economy improves.The industry’s recovery has […]

How to protect yourself from chemical spills: Tips from the experts

The chemical industry is often held up as a beacon of hope when it comes to the future of chemical safety.And there are signs it’s finally paying off.A study published this month in the journal Environmental Health Perspectives shows that among the chemicals that are considered the most hazardous in the world, the majority of […]

Why Canada needs a new export market

An Australian company is seeking to open a manufacturing facility in the Philippines, but it’s a complex one.In a joint statement with the Philippine government, the two countries said they are committed to boosting trade and investment between the two nations and are committed in creating jobs.The statement from the Philippines Ministry of Industry and […]

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