‘I know this is a bad thing’: Trump says Iran nuclear deal is a “bad thing”

In a rare public appearance, President Donald Trump declared on Tuesday that the Iran nuclear agreement is a major “bad” deal, and said that the U.S. will never negotiate with Iran again.

In an interview with The Associated Press, Trump said the agreement was “a terrible deal” and that he is “very disappointed” that the deal was reached with the “worst negotiating team in the world.”

The president said that despite the deal being a “total disaster,” he was hopeful that the next president could get along with Iran and that the United States would make it a “major” deal.

Trump said he would have been happy to have reached a deal with Iran, which has been the focus of fierce international criticism for its alleged nuclear weapons program.

But Trump said he never expected Iran to reach a deal.

The president said the United Nations sanctions regime against Iran, known as the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action, was a “disaster” and he was “very, very disappointed” by the agreement.

Trump also said that Iran would have to pay billions of dollars to the United Kingdom and France in exchange for the lifting of U.N. sanctions, something that was never made official by the Trump administration.

“We have a major problem with Iran,” Trump said.

“Iran is a country that, for whatever reason, we don’t want to be part of.

It’s a terrible deal.”

The U.K. and France, the United Arab Emirates and Russia are among the countries that have repeatedly criticized the deal and criticized the Trump Administration’s handling of it.

The White House has said that it would not be making a decision about Iran until the president left office, but that Trump will likely announce his decision within weeks.

The president also said he will consider sanctions relief as a condition for the deal.

He did not specify how much relief he might seek, but he said the U

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