Day: July 29, 2021

When will the world be able to breathe?

Asahi Chemical Industry (Asahi) is the world’s biggest producer of polyurethane chemical and chemical components.In 2016, the Japanese company produced over 1 billion polyurethanyl chloride (PSC) pellets, more than double the amount produced in 2015.According to Bloomberg, the company’s production of PSCs was responsible for making around 20% of the world production.The company is also […]

How to make a nitrogen fertilizer

Nitrogen fertilizer is the fuel of choice in modern farming, but not all of it comes from the sun.This article explores how to make nitrogen fertilizer using an industrial chemical reaction.Nitrogen fertilizers are used for irrigation, fertilizing fields and crop production.The process of using chemical reactions to convert organic compounds into nitrous oxide (N2O), a […]

Which is better? Chemical companies or natural gas?

The industry is heavily regulated and is dependent on an array of taxes and other requirements.The EPA says natural gas has been proven to be safer than coal, which is also used in power plants.It’s estimated that the country has more than 100 billion cubic feet of natural gas reserves.But the EPA also cautions that […]

‘I know this is a bad thing’: Trump says Iran nuclear deal is a “bad thing”

In a rare public appearance, President Donald Trump declared on Tuesday that the Iran nuclear agreement is a major “bad” deal, and said that the U.S. will never negotiate with Iran again.In an interview with The Associated Press, Trump said the agreement was “a terrible deal” and that he is “very disappointed” that the deal […]

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