How to make the most of the industrial chemicals in the food chain

More than 100 tonnes of industrial chemicals were used in the production of the food on the dinner plate of one family in County Cork.

The family’s meals, made from ingredients such as food colouring, spices and baking powder, were a hit in the Irish Republic with the family selling out of their specialties.

The food was eaten on the table of the young father of four who was in his late 60s.

He said he had spent the last six years travelling across Europe, buying food from various suppliers and buying it in bulk for a living.

The ingredients are very cheap and the processing is very cheap, said Mr Tommaso, whose family runs a family farm.

We have got to take a long view and look at what we need to do, he said.

“If we have more people doing this then the industry will come to the end of its usefulness and that will be the end.”

Mr Tommassos family has been selling their speciality products to small farmers in the county for more than 40 years.

He also runs a catering business and has been in the industry for more of his life.

“We use a lot of chemicals, some of which we use in our cooking, and we don’t know where the food is coming from.”

I know what it is, I know how it was made, I have a good sense of the ingredients.

“Mr Dímenezes father of two, also from Cork, said the use of chemicals was a key factor in the success of his business.”

It’s a good way to make a product and it helps the farmer, the farm and the consumer, and I know that there are people who are using it in a way that is not good for the environment,” he said, adding that the family were in contact with environmental groups.

The National Farmers Union said it had been in contact over the past year with environmental organisations about the use and safety of industrial compounds in food.

The union said it was working with the food industry and the National Farmers Council (NFSC) on an industry-wide response to the issue.”

The National Food Standards Agency (NFSA) is currently examining the use, safety and sustainability of industrial and food processing chemicals in food production and processing,” it said.

Mr Tromp said that it was a problem that was going to continue to arise in Ireland.”

Industrial chemicals, such as paint, have been around for thousands of years and we have to recognise that it is a problem and take it seriously,” he added.”

As the economy gets stronger and there is more competition for jobs, you have to take these chemicals more seriously.


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