Chemical industry’s ‘Pioneer’ profile on Wikipedia

| CNBC article CNBC – A chemical industry profiled in Wikipedia has a reputation as being “Pioneers” in terms of its manufacturing capabilities. 

But Wikipedia says that it is not a reputable source. 

According to the bio section on the Wikipedia article for Pioneer Chemical Company, the company is “founded in 1902 by the German chemist Alexander Pioneer.”

The bio says that the company manufactures and markets “a wide variety of chemicals and industrial processes.” 

The bio does not mention the company’s role in manufacturing chemicals or chemicals that were used to manufacture pharmaceuticals.

The bio did say that the Pioneer Chemical company was “founded to manufacture and sell chemical products for the use of human beings, especially for pharmaceuticals.”

But the bio does mention that the bio is “an unbiased source of information.” 

Wikipedia has said that the encyclopedia’s Bio section does not have a policy that bans articles that do not have enough information to be considered reliable sources of information. 

Wikipedia said that it was reviewing the Wikipedia bio section to ensure that the bios of companies like Pioneer Chemical are accurate. 

Pioneering Chemical is a member of the American Chemical Society (ACS), which is a trade group that represents the chemical industry. 

However, the ACS is not the only chemical industry member listed on Wikipedia. 

Another chemical industry company is also listed as a member, though its bio does say that it “is not a reliable source of data.” 

Purdue University, a research university, has a wikipedia bio that has been removed because it contains “false information” about the chemical company. 

“Wikipedia should be a resource that all members of the chemical, manufacturing, and pharmaceutical industries can rely on for the facts they need,” said Dr. Jonathan M. Weisbrot, vice president of public affairs at Purdue University.

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