Marikokos coal mining company AIDINSATH has said it will leave the industry, a move that would likely be welcomed by local miners and the mining industry in general.

The coal mining industry was already struggling to find its footing after a collapse in the prices of coal, and the coal industry had been struggling to make a living for itself.

AIDINAH coal mining giant has been trying to shore up its finances by buying up assets and expanding operations.

The company’s parent company, Marikoku Coal, had been buying up land, and by the end of last year, it had purchased over 2,000 acres.

The acquisition of these acres was part of an effort to save MarikOKos coal mine and improve its financial situation, according to the company’s website.

Marikoks mining operation in northern Hokkaido was hit hard by the collapse in coal prices.

AIDAINATH coal mining operation was hit very hard by a collapse of coal prices in June 2017, and its coal mine was shut down in August 2017.

The Marikoki Coal Mine collapsed, causing massive environmental damage, including the destruction of more than 2,500 homes.

The mine’s owners are still facing a total of $6 billion in damages, according a report by the Japan Mining Association.

The plant’s owner has said that it is still not clear what will happen to the coal mine, but the mine’s owner is expected to sell the mine as part of the settlement, according the Japan Association of Mines.

The Marikoshi Coal Mine’s owner, MarIKOKOs parent company MarikOkos, said in a statement that it was withdrawing its coal mines, coal export terminals and its mines and operations from the market, adding that it has no intention to resume operations.

Marikokoks parent company said in the statement that the Marikoka Coal Mine was closed for two weeks, and that it will not resume operations until it is reopened.

The decision to shut down the mine was made because of the deterioration of the economic situation in the area, and a lack of suitable financial means to maintain the mine, the company said.

In May, the AIDAINAH Coal Mining Group announced that it would take a different approach in the coal market.

The group said it would stop purchasing coal from mines, and would instead concentrate on building new mines.

The AIDAINSATH Coal Mining group will continue to invest in the development of new mines in the region, AIDAINKA said.

The agreement also included a proposal for a joint venture between AIDAIC, the parent company of AIDAEN, and MarikKokos.

MARIKOKO COAL MINING, THE WILDEST COAL EXPORT OPERATOR IN JAPAN, HAS STILL NOT SEEN ANY BOMBS Fired up by the news of AIDINEH coal mine’s collapse, MarikaCoal said on its website that it plans to “take a new approach in coal mining in Hokkaidae.”

AIDAINAHL Coal Mining is the second largest coal export operator in the country.

It operates coal export facilities in Hokkei, Fukui, Kagoshima, and Honshu.

The operation’s coal export terminal in Fukui is currently undergoing renovations.

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