How to stop the outbreak of the Zika virus in India

Adwan, the second-largest chemical company in India, has become the first company to announce a nationwide recall for the Zika-carrying mosquito-borne virus in the country.

In a statement, Adwan said the recall is due to “several serious issues” that it identified in its testing.

The company said it will stop selling certain products containing the Zika mosquito-transmitted virus.

The statement said Adwan has decided to temporarily stop manufacturing certain products in India.

The company said that the recall includes certain Adwan-brand products in “a limited number” and that the products were sold at the company’s headquarters in Mumbai.

The Zika virus has been linked to a rise in birth defects in children in the Americas.

India’s largest chemical company Adwan on Tuesday recalled its Adwan chemical products, which include:Ampixam and Amlox-100, which have been used to treat patients with the Zika disease.

Ampaxam and Adlox are used to administer medicines and vaccines to treat the Zika strain of the disease.

Amlox is used to make a drug called Bovine Growth Factor and Ampaxam is used for a drug used to fight Zika.

The recall applies to all Adwan products sold in India and also includes some imported products.

Adwan said it has suspended production of its products for six months and is looking at its response. 

It also said it was working with the Indian Food and Drug Administration and the government to monitor the impact of the recall on consumers and the industry.

The Indian government announced a ban on imports of the mosquito-carryed Zika virus on Tuesday.

India has reported more than 1,400 cases of the virus, which has spread in the world’s second-biggest economy since March.

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