Month: June 2021

When it comes to industrial chemicals and their industries, the world’s top 10 is littered with winners and losers

By Scott Alexander, Reuters U.S. chemicals companies and major retailers are among the winners and the losers of a new report that shows the global chemical industry is in a “decline”.The chemicals industry, which includes everything from plastics to paint, is one of the biggest contributors to global emissions of greenhouse gases.It produces around 10 […]

U.S. plants hit by chemical industry’s chemicals

With the U.N. chemical industry facing a possible collapse, there are concerns that the chemicals industry is making more and more money off the pollution.The U.K.-based company Alcoa said Friday it has lost $1 billion to $2 billion to the chemical industry in the last two years, a trend that may be due in part […]

The chemical industry’s Sunshine State, the chemical industry structure

A chemical industry has emerged as the most vulnerable to a wave of state-level efforts to shut down production and distribution in the South and West.The Southern Tier is a critical region for the chemical sector, accounting for the majority of U.S. production.A total of 17 Southern Tier counties, all of which were part of […]


Marikokos coal mining company AIDINSATH has said it will leave the industry, a move that would likely be welcomed by local miners and the mining industry in general.The coal mining industry was already struggling to find its footing after a collapse in the prices of coal, and the coal industry had been struggling to make […]

How chemtrails, chemtrail contamination, and the ‘anti-globalization’ movement inspired #BlackLivesMatter

Chemtrails and chemtrailers have become the de facto anti-globalisation movement.The internet is now an extension of a conspiracy theory that claims chemtrailing planes are carrying out secret US and UK plots to bomb oil refineries in the Middle East and Africa, as well as to blow up oil pipelines in Asia.The theory has since been […]

How to get your job in chemical industry

Posted March 30, 2019 11:29:20If you want to get an internship in chemical manufacturing or chemical industry you have to have some kind of experience.The list of possible jobs available to you is endless.Here are some tips to help you navigate your way through the process.You must have a valid, valid Australian IDYou can use […]

U.S. chemical industry jobs projected to fall 1% to 5% this year

The unemployment rate for chemical industry workers in the U.K. has been hovering around 9% for the last year.In the U., the rate for the same workers has been 6.4%.In 2018, that figure will be 5.4% according to the Office for National Statistics.In 2019, the unemployment rate will be 8.3% and in 2020, it will […]

How to help the Houston chemical industry as oil prices plunge

How to get out of the grips of oil prices and help the chemical industry recover from the impact of oil shale development.In a world where the price of oil is plunging, the Houston-based chemical industry is facing a critical challenge as demand for chemicals surges.Its producers are struggling to find a way to adapt […]

How to save on your gas bill

The cost of gas is a factor in many households, and gas prices can go up if you don’t make any changes to your household or home.This is why many people are using gas-saving tips from to save money and help save on their gas bill.If you’re a gas-saver and have a question about […]

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