Year: 2021

Biden to meet with chemical industry’s top lobbyist

Vice President Joe Biden will meet with lobbyists on Tuesday to discuss the issue of chemical industrial markets, according to sources familiar with the matter.Biden will visit the chemical industry at a private meeting and discuss his plan to rein in the industry, said a Biden aide.The Biden aide did not say when the meeting […]

Pioneer chemical industries awards $7.5M in award

NEW YORK — The National Institute of Standards and Technology announced today that it has awarded $7 million to the National Center for Atmospheric Research for a research and development project to study and evaluate how carbon dioxide is emitted from the chemical industry.The NIST Research and Development Program is dedicated to developing solutions for […]

Which industry is most responsible for the rise in COVID-19 cases?

The U.S. government is blaming American chemical companies for the COVID virus outbreak, saying it is an example of the industry’s failure to control its own production.The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) said in a report on Monday that the surge in cases in the U.P.C. coincided with the country’s switch from petroleum […]

How the Sigma chemicals industry is thriving in the wake of demonetisation

A chemical industry that once dominated India’s chemical sector is now thriving in Delhi.The government’s demonetization drive has been credited with boosting the fortunes of some of India’s biggest companies, with some of the largest chemicals companies seeing their share prices surge in recent months.Some of these firms have been hit particularly hard by the […]

How to define chemical industry in Alabama

Posted October 03, 2018 07:53:31 If you have been wondering how to define the chemical industry you might be wondering whether it is the same thing as an industrial chemical manufacturing company, or whether it’s a different company entirely.The chemical industry is often defined by what it does, rather than what it manufactures.This article explains […]

How to use the sun chemical industry to manufacture your own sun-based products

How to manufacture solar energy sources using chemical processes, such as the sun-derived chemistry, is increasingly a popular way of using renewable energy sources.The sun is one of the best-known examples of chemical-based energy sources that are environmentally friendly, yet still require expensive and time-consuming processing.However, solar energy is not a simple process.Its energy source […]

Why are farmers not wearing gloves on their crops?

Agricultural chemicals are being sold in the United States as a way to combat the spread of bacteria and viruses.But new research finds that farmers may be more vulnerable to those microbes.The research, which was conducted at the University of Washington, found that farmers in the Midwest were less likely to wear gloves because of […]

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