Trump’s economic advisors may be the key to his ‘jobs’ agenda

Donald Trump’s team is working with some of the most powerful companies in the chemical industry to help him achieve his agenda, according to documents leaked by former adviser Carter Page.The documents show the president’s economic advisers are working with companies such as Dow Chemical, Monsanto, and DuPont to craft policies that will promote manufacturing […]

Which companies are making the most in Texas?

The Houston Chemical Industry (HCI) was founded by former IBM executives and is a subsidiary of Halliburton.It is one of the largest chemical companies in the United States.The company made $7.7 billion in profits last year.In a statement, the company said it has a strong pipeline of new products and technology that will help the […]

How to reduce chemical industry emissions by 15 percent by 2025

Chemicals are responsible for about half of all greenhouse gas emissions in the world, but their emissions are expected to drop by nearly 40 percent by 2020, according to a report from the U.N. International Organization for Standardization (ISO).The report was released Tuesday, the same day India, the world’s largest consumer of chemical products, unveiled […]

Which of the 10 worst states for chemical industries is the worst?

In 2016, India became the second-worst state in the country for chemical industry, and it remains the second worst in the world for industrial chemicals production, according to the 2017 report by the Chemical Industry Council of India (CICI).The United States remains the worst for chemicals manufacturing.The worst state for chemicals production was followed by […]

Iran faces new sanctions over chemical industry

Iran has begun implementing new sanctions against key industrial sectors in response to the country’s disputed election, state media said Tuesday.The move comes as the United States, Israel and Saudi Arabia have announced plans to ease economic sanctions on Tehran following the election in December, with Tehran’s government saying it has no intention of changing […]

What the chemical industry is talking about in the EU: ‘We will not give up our rights’

Chemical industry leader Arofine has warned the European Union that it is in a difficult position if it fails to implement its obligations to clean up the chemical industries in Belgium and France.Arofine said it is time for the EU to “reassess its commitments” to its chemical industry, after it agreed in 2014 to provide […]

How to buy arsenic in Australia

Now Playing: ‘We’ve got to get to the bottom of it’: What scientists know about arsenic contamination at the Ararat refinery in WANow Playing: Police investigate suspected poisonings at West Australian’s Ararat plantNow Playing ‘Aussie-style’: Australian farmers sue Chemours after toxic waste spillNow Playing What the experts are saying about arsenic in WA Now Playing […]

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